They’re So Dreamy! First Look at Frank and Joe Hardy
Perpetually teenaged brothers revealed.
By VGGEN Staff 09/10/2008 07:33:32 PST
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The Hardy Boys

Along with previously announcing that The Hardy Boys will be voiced by pop star Jesse McCartney (as Frank) and Hannah Montana's Cody Linley (as Joe), DreamCatcher today released the first in-game images of the titular stars from upcoming adventure title The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft.  

In The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft, after the Spencer Mansion vault is robbed, the Bayport Police ask Frank and Joe Hardy to initially tie up some loose ends on the case.  Naturally the Boys soon find themselves in the middle of a major criminal investigation, which DreamCatcher promises will involve "drama of sinister proportions."

The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft is scheduled to release September 23rd on PC, and sometime in 2009 for Nintendo Wii.  You can find the new screens, and screens previously released as well, in our gallery.

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