Weekly World of Warcraft #20 - New Year's Resolutions
Nick lays out some WoW-related goals for 2007.
By Nick Arvites 01/08/2007 19:38:35 PST
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Weekly World of Warcraft #20

One of the biggest clichés in the world is writing a corny New Year’s resolutions article, and for some reason I feel this is far more fitting than anything else I could write at this point. I know, the expansion is coming out, and I could use this space to rant about some other aspect or about how it shouldn’t have taken so long to come out, or even rant about the Beta testing issues I’ve been having, but I decided to end/start the year on a positive note and just write about what I’d like to accomplish in terms of World of Warcraft and what I’d like to see in the game.

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