Spore Galactic Adventures Drifts onto PC
EA ships this expansion to last year's oft-discussed sim.
By Andrew Joy 06/24/2009 07:50:58 PST
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By most accounts, it seems last year's Spore was either a love it or hate it situation. In its attempts to do so much, it seems that the game ended up watering down a lot of what was there and leaving a number of gamers utterly unsatisfied. However, for those that hung in there, help may have arrived. This week, Electronic Arts announced that Spore Galactic Adventures has shipped for the PC and should be available in stores across the country soon. A new expansion for the sim game, Galactic Adventures adds new content to the space stage, allowing players to beam down to various planets to complete outlandish tasks (and even make their own). Also available now, Galactic Adventures has received a bit of launch day downloadable content designed by the creative minds behind Robot Chicken, as we reported last month. For more information on Spore Galactic Adventures, be sure to check out the official press release below:

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Spore™ universe is expanding with infinite adventures! Today, Maxis™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) studio, announced that Spore™ Galactic Adventures, the expansion to the critically-acclaimed game Spore, is now available at North American retailers and will hit store shelves internationally on June 25th. Designed to expand the Spore universe, Spore Galactic Adventures delivers hilarious new adventures to players who aspire to become their own space captain, beam down to strange new planets, create customized adventures, and take their favorite Spore creature from zero to galactic hero!

“Spore Galactic Adventures enhances the Spore experience by blasting players off into space, turning ordinary creatures into legendary Space Captains,” stated Lucy Bradshaw, VP and General Manager at Maxis. “For the first time, players can beam their creatures down to planets to experience all-new adventures or create custom-made missions of their own and share them with the world. With more than 105 million creations available in the Sporepedia, the Spore library of user-generated content for use in players’ missions, the only limit is their imaginations!”

Expanding on the original Spore game, Spore Galactic Adventures adds variety and fun by allowing players to get out of their spaceship and explore colorful, wacky new planets. Players will turn their creatures into space captains, battle epic monsters in intergalactic arenas and fight intense planet-side races. In each mission, players earn experience to rank up their captain and earn game-changing items such as the Plasma Pulser and Swarm Magnet. In the box, the game includes 16 off-the-wall missions as well as an “Adventure Creator” tool that players can use to design their own missions. These personally-created missions can be shared with friends online and can be classed in leaderboards that track accomplishments, rank and medals earned.

In addition to the adventures in the box, players can download ten all-new adventures created by the writers of the outrageously funny, pop-culture parody TV show, Robot Chicken. Available for free to all Spore Galactic Adventures owners, the Robot Chicken adventures take players through such wacky quests as a mission to obtain a library card by finding a ruler-yielding librarian her true love, and an adventure to save a princess by battling demonic snowmen in a snowglobe. Conceptualized by Robot Chicken co-creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, the Robot Chicken Adventures were imagined by the show’s writing team including Matt Beans, Doug Goldstein, Mike Fasolo, Breckin Meyer, Dan Milano, Tom Root, Kevin Shinick, Hugh Sterbakov and Zeb Wells. With such a unique cast of imaginative characters, players can expect to experience missions with exploding poo, angry yetis, and banana wars.

To support Spore’s dedicated fan community, will feature a bevy of fun content including additional downloadable adventures, contests and news.

Available for PC and MAC® for $29.99, Spore Galactic Adventures is rated E10+ by the ESRB. The Robot Chicken adventures are rated TEEN by the ESRB. As an expansion pack, Spore Galactic Adventures requires the original Spore game to play. 

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