News for September 2007

[PC Media] New Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull Screenshots (09/27/2007)
New character screens.

The Hardy Boys Coming To PC (09/26/2007)
Starting with book #1.

Sam & Max: Season 2 Hitting PCs This November (09/26/2007)
Ice Station Santa kicks off the dog and rabbit’s return.

EA Celebrates 10 Years of Ultima Online (09/25/2007)
How much longer can it go?

THQs Heroes Take on Opposing Fronts (09/25/2007)
RTS expansion now shipping.

The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome Ships (09/21/2007)
The cable outlet continues its march into the video game world.

Team Fortress 2 Beta Now Open (09/18/2007)

The Chosen: Well of Souls Goes Gold (09/18/2007)
Budget action RPG ready to go.

[PC Media] New Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction Screenshots (09/18/2007)
Bouncy new screens (not in motion of course).

Operation, Warmonger Dated & Detailed (09/18/2007)
New info on this physics showcase.

[PC Media] New Dark Sector Screenshots (09/18/2007)
Foreboding new screens.

Stranglehold Smothers PC Market (09/18/2007)
2 out of 3 versions now at retail.

Tarr Chronicles Gone Gold (09/15/2007)
Fight aliens in less than two weeks.

[PC Media] New East India Company Screenshots (09/13/2007)
New screens, ironically enough from the west.

Lighthouse Trades with East India Company (09/12/2007)
New strategy title coming Q4 2008.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Now Gold for PC (09/12/2007)
RTS title ready to ship later this month.

[PC Media] New SunAge Screenshots (09/11/2007)
And in this age....everyone was really tan.

DreamCatcher Goes Loco for ‘Loki’ (09/11/2007)
European masher heading stateside.

[PC Media] New Loki: Heroes of Mythology Screenshots (09/11/2007)
New screens as the game gets Americanized.

Preorders for Orange Box Priced; Includes Team Fortress 2 Bonus (09/11/2007)
Early Orderers get access to Team Fortress 2 on Monday

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars PC Demo Hits Monday (09/09/2007)
Demo shows off final map Valley

[PC Media] New Unreal Tournament 3 Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens of the map with no name (so far).

[PC Media] New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens of this long-awaited MMO.

[PC Media] New The Sims 2 Bon Voyage Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens to accompany you on your journey.

[PC Media] New SimCity Societies Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens appropriate for any social gathering.

[PC Media] New Rail Simulator Screenshots (09/06/2007)
Crisp-looking trains.

[PC Media] New Need for Speed ProStreet Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens with street cred.

[PC Media] New Medal of Honor Airborne Screenshots (09/06/2007)
New screens.

[PC Media] New Hellgate: London Screenshots (09/06/2007)
Will you enter the gate?

[PC Media] New FIFA Soccer 08 Screenshots (09/06/2007)
First next-gen screens.

[PC Media] New EA Sports GameShow Screenshots (09/06/2007)
First screens.

[PC Media] New Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath Screenshots (09/06/2007)
Raising Kane.

[PC Media] New Battlefield: Bad Company Screenshots (09/06/2007)
Screens we didn’t need to fight for.

Tabula Rasa Dated for Europe and North America (09/06/2007)
Get ready to fill your clean slate.

[PC Media] New Borderlands Screenshots (09/06/2007)
Run to the border.

Legends of Norrath Now Available to EverQuest Players (09/05/2007)
Cross-game card game for loyal fans.

[PC Media] New Medal of Honor Airborne Screenshots (09/05/2007)
New artwork.

Sims On Stage, It’s Like Myspace for Your Sims (09/05/2007)
EA opens beta for new online destination.

Beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Reaches 400,000 (09/05/2007)
Applicants from around the globe cross their fingers.

Go Bon Voyage With The Sims (09/04/2007)
Yep, another expansion.

[PC Media] New Obscure II Screenshots (09/04/2007)
New screens and art from the official site.

[PC Media] New Spore Screenshots (09/04/2007)
Sprouting new screens.

[PC Media] New They Screenshots (09/03/2007)
They are coming....eventually.

[PC Media] New WorldShift Screenshots (09/03/2007)
Shifty new screens.

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