News for July 2008

PC Review: The Political Machine 2008 (07/28/2008)
Is Stardock’s political sim an uniter or divider?

[PC Media] New Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures Movie (07/28/2008)
An inventive teaser trailer.

Wallace & Gromit Officially Announced; New Screens, Art, and Trailer (07/28/2008)
No confirmed platforms or release date yet however.

[PC Media] New Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures Screenshots (07/28/2008)
First screens of Telltale’s new dog-led duo.

[PC Media] New Demigod Movie (07/28/2008)
A brand new trailer for Gas Powered’s action/RTS/RPG hybrid.

World Cyber Games Adds Red Stone (07/28/2008)
MMO now on the competition roster.

Star Trek Online Officially in Development at Cryptic Studios (07/28/2008)

[PC Media] New Star Trek Online Screenshots (07/28/2008)
First screens.

GameShadow Unveils Metrics Service (07/28/2008)
Unprecedented analysis of PC gamers’ habits and purchases.

[PC Media] New Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Movie (07/27/2008)
A new trailer from Comic-Con.

[PC Media] New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion Movie (07/26/2008)
The big reveal.

Telltale’s Next Series – Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures (07/24/2008)
Only one animal in this duo.

Sins of a Solar Empire 1.1 Released (07/24/2008)
You know it’s a big update when it has its own beta.

Gamecock Titles Coming to GameTap (07/24/2008)
Current and future titles to soon appear on the service.

First Screens and Features for FPS Cross Fire (07/24/2008)
Multiplayer shooter coming fall 2008.

[PC Media] New Cross Fire Screenshots (07/24/2008)
New screens.

[PC Media] New The Sims 3 Screenshots (07/24/2008)
Brand new screens.

[PC Media] New Rise of the Argonauts Screenshots (07/24/2008)
Epic new screens.

[PC Media] New Damnation Screenshots (07/24/2008)
Brand new screens.

[PC Media] New The Sims 3 Movie (07/23/2008)
The E3 2008 trailer.

Telltale announces Sam & Max Season Two Collector’s DVD (07/23/2008)
New items also in stock.

Experience Operation Mania this September (07/23/2008)
Classic board game coming to and retail.

[PC Media] New Wanted Screenshots (07/22/2008)
Some new screens we wanted.

[PC Media] New Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Screenshots (07/21/2008)
New screens.

[PC] New Fallout 3 Screenshots (07/21/2008)
E3 screens.

[PC Media] New Project Origin Movie (07/12/2008)
Fear Alma...again.

Warhammer Online Guild Beta Begins (07/11/2008)
More than 10,000 guilds applied.

EA Mythic Now...Mythic Entertainment. Again. (07/11/2008)
Well, that was anticlimatic.

Devil May Cry 4 Ships for the PC (07/09/2008)
Now you can sneak in your demon-hunting fun at work!

MySims Moving onto Your PC This Fall (07/07/2008)
Nintendo Wii and DS exclusive becomes...a little less so.

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