News for June 2007

[PC Media] New Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin Screenshots (06/30/2007)
Two European legends square off.

Sherlock Holmes Faces Arséne Lupin (06/30/2007)
At least it’s not Herlock Sholmés this time.

EverQuest II Game Update #36 Now Live (06/30/2007)
Final chapter of Swords of Destiny and some other goodies.

Acclaim PC Games Getting the CD/DVD Treatment (06/29/2007)
In other words: licensed coasters (because they’re free to download...) now available!

THQ Forges Alliance with Supreme Commander (06/28/2007)
Chris Taylor returns for another RTS this November.

Dracula Emerges from His Coffin Once More (06/26/2007)
Dracula 3 Slated for Christmas Release on the PC

PC: Obscure II Preview (06/24/2007)
College has never been scarier.

The History Channel Great Battles of Rome Coming to North America (06/20/2007)
CDV grabs another one.

[PC Media] New A Vampyre Story Screenshots (06/20/2007)
First screens of this nocturnal adventure.

[PC Media] New Jeopardy! 2 Screenshots (06/19/2007)
Trebek is back.

[PC Media] New ArmA: Queen's Gambit Screenshots (06/18/2007)
First screens.

[PC Media] New Blacksite: Area 51 Screenshots (06/18/2007)
New screens of Midway’s stab at a Halo killer.

Death Track Resurrected for PC (06/18/2007)
One of the original combat racing titles gets a second chance.

[PC Media] New Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII Screenshots (06/15/2007)
Fly high with Ubisoft.

[PC Media] New MapleStory Screenshots (06/15/2007)
Many new screens.

[PC Media] New Madden NFL 08 Screenshots (06/15/2007)
Let the countdown begin.

Valve’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Team Fortress 2, and Portal Dated (06/15/2007)
All platforms see a simultaneous release.

[PC Media] New SimCity Societies Screenshots (06/14/2007)
SimCity moves in a different direction.

[PC Media] New Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Screenshots (06/14/2007)
A fresh look at modern warfare, Call of Duty style.

Warhammer Online Beta Test Smashes Competition (06/13/2007)
Not quite Halo 3, but still good.

K2 Announces Global MU Season 2 (06/12/2007)
New expansion adds all the usual goodies.

Capcom Building Steam on PC (06/12/2007)
Publisher's line-up heads to Valve's digital distribution network.

CDV to Publish Sherlock Holmes in North America (06/11/2007)
It’s elementary (my dear) that CDV would pick up this adventure title.

[PC Media] New Sherlock Holmes - The Awakened Screenshots (06/11/2007)
New screens as CDV picks it up for a Stateside release.

[PC Media] New The Agency Screenshots (06/11/2007)
First screens and art for the SOE online thriller.

[PC Media] New Dungeon Hero Screenshots (06/09/2007)
Brand new screens.

[PC Media] New Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Screenshots (06/04/2007)
Three new screens.

GameTap Opens Up the Tap for Everyone (06/04/2007)
Company looks to monetize its visitor base.

TimeGate Studios Explores New Territory (06/04/2007)
Three new games on the way.

Nostradamus Gets Adventurous (06/04/2007)
Another adventure based on the soothsayer on the way.

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