News for June 2006

New Dungeon Siege II: Broken World Movie for PC (06/30/2006)
New screens and movies showing off various monsters and characters.

New Snoopy vs. The Red Baron Screenshots for PC (06/30/2006)
Eleven new screens.

Weekly World of Warcraft #11 Feature Now Online (06/28/2006)
A deeper look at Patch 1.11 and the Scourge Invasion.

Three Rings Gets Cash Infusion (06/26/2006)
Casual PC developer a worthy investment it seems.

New NHL 07 Movie for PC (06/23/2006)
Promo video highlighting cover star Ovechkin.

Weekly World of Warcraft #10 Feature Now Online (06/22/2006)
You want more of this?! Patch 1.11, Diablo/Starcraft MMORPGs, and more!

World of Warcraft Patch 1.12 Key Features Announced (06/21/2006)
World PvP, Cross Realm Battlegrounds, and (finally) a Rogue review

New Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Movies for PC (06/21/2006)
Two new movies showing off in-game combat.

New Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Screenshots for PC (06/21/2006)
Seventeen new screenshots of SOE's next big MMO.

EA to Acquire Mythic Entertainment (06/21/2006)
The Warhammer Online developer enters the EA fold.

New NFL Head Coach Screenshots for PC (06/21/2006)
Four screens to celebrate today's release.

New Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Movies for PC (06/20/2006)
The first two E3 2006 trailers now in high-res, and a new extended version of the second.

New Two Worlds Screenshots for PC (06/20/2006)
Five new gorgeous screenshots.

World of Warcraft Patch 1.11 Goes Live (06/20/2006)
Patch download marred by problems, errors.

New Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Screenshots for PC (06/19/2006)
One new screenshot. Tease.

Archlord Races Announced (06/19/2006)
Humans, Orcs, and Moon Elves to populate Codemasters' MMORPG.

Guild Wars Franchise Surpasses Two Million Sold (06/19/2006)
It's not quite WoW, but still very impressive.

New Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Movie for PC (06/16/2006)
The most recent official trailer for Sam's next big mission.

New Warpath Screenshots for PC (06/15/2006)
Five new screens of Groove's budget-priced FPS.

New Prey Screenshots for PC (06/15/2006)
Five new screenshots as the demo draws near.

New Everquest II: The Fallen Dynasty Screenshots for PC (06/14/2006)
Nine new screenshots to go with today's digital release.

Everquest II: The Fallen Dynasty Now Available (06/14/2006)
Download only for $7.99, or free to tenured SOE Station Access members.

Weekly World of Warcraft #9 - Mailbag Edition Feature Now Online (06/14/2006)
9 out of 10 naked dancing dwarves agree: mailbags are good!

Vivendi Universal Announces All Blizzard Franchises to be MMORPGs? (06/14/2006)
Blizzard denies this is the case.

New Sid Meier (06/13/2006)
Twenty-eight new screenshots.

New Prey Movie for PC (06/12/2006)
Yeah it's a month old, but if you haven't seen it yet you need to. Awesomeness.

New Sid Meier (06/12/2006)
Well, it isn't Halo...but it is unique.

Rise and Fall Rises to Retail (06/12/2006)
The once-dead RTS makes it to retail.

Call of Duty 2 Patch 1.3 Released (06/08/2006)
Mostly fixes this time around.

New Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Movie for PC (06/08/2006)
The official trailer from E3 2006.

New Joint Task Force Movie for PC (06/08/2006)
A long movie showing off JTF's different features.

Battlefield 2: Armored Fury Booster Pack Now Available (06/06/2006)
Download only expansion now available for a tenner.

Action! The Movies: Stunts & Effects Ships (06/06/2006)
Lots of new features added in this expansion.

New The Movies: Stunts & Effects Movie for PC (06/06/2006)
A walkthrough of the game's features in small and large resolutions.

New Caesar IV Screenshots for PC (06/05/2006)
22 screenshots of Vivendi's upcoming city building sim.

Weekly World of Warcraft #8 - Guild Woes Feature Now Online (06/05/2006)
Guild improvements and raid interface changes discussed this week.

New Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Movie for PC (06/03/2006)
The official trailer for Midway's strategy game, shipping in a little over a week.

World of Warcraft Scourge Invasion Details released (06/02/2006)
Official page provides a description, rewards for the upcoming event

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