News for May 2009

[PC Media] New Runaway: A Twist of Fate Screenshots (05/30/2009)
New screens.

THQ Picks Up CrimeCraft for PC (05/30/2009)
Vogster MMO finds a home.

BattleForge Now Available on PC for Free (05/26/2009)
EA and Phenomic's RTS now available for download at no cost.

Spore Galactic Adventures Getting Launch Day DLC on PC (05/19/2009)
Maxis teams up with Robot Chicken writers for some free content.

Street Fighter IV PC Specs Revealed (05/15/2009)
You can probably run this.

Take-Two Suing Apogee Software Ltd. Over Duke Nukem Forever (05/15/2009)
Rockstar parent company obviously not pleased.

Civilization IV: The Complete Edition Ships for PC (05/12/2009)
Warlords, Beyond the Sword and Colonization expansions now in one box.

Heroes of Telara to be Unveiled at E3 (05/06/2009)
Trion World Network's MMORPG getting showcased this summer.

Plants vs. Zombies Now Setting Roots on PC (05/05/2009)
PopCap's quirky tower defense game now available for download.

BattleForge Gets a Price Drop on PC (05/05/2009)
Not exactly sure who they're competing against, but good news nonetheless.

New Patch for Elven Legacy Released (05/04/2009)
New tutorial voices, memory improvements, and more.

100 Million Spore Creations Uploaded from PCs (05/04/2009)
EA and Maxis' bizarre sim still seems popular.

PC Getting Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Bionic Commando (05/01/2009)
Capcom announces some of its biggest games are headed to one more platform.

[PC Media] New Dead Rising 2 Screenshots (05/01/2009)
The dead rise again.

[PC Media] New Dark Void Screenshots (05/01/2009)
Another chance to stare into the void.

[PC Media] New Bionic Commando Screenshots (05/01/2009)
31 new screens from Captivate 09.

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