News for May 2008

[PC Media] New Spore Screenshots (05/30/2008)
New screens.

[PC Media] New Street Fighter IV Screenshots (05/30/2008)
152 new HD screens featuring Rufus and El Furte!

[PC Media] New Alone in the Dark Screenshots (05/30/2008)
A stranglingly large amount of new screens.

Mass Effect (Space)Ships for the PC (05/28/2008)
At last, PC gamers can enjoy really long elevator rides, too!

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Game Update #5 Details (05/28/2008)
Racial mounts, class updates and more.

Theatre of War Now Available on Direct2Drive (05/28/2008)
Digital download includes same updates as retail version.

Pacific Storm: Allies Patched to 1.52 (05/28/2008)
Fixes crashes and performance issues.

Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation Available for Digital Download (05/28/2008)
Trymedia before you buy.

RedLynx Trials 2 Now on Steam (05/28/2008)
Motorcycle racing for under $10.

[PC Media] New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Screenshots (05/28/2008)
First teaser screens of the all-but confirmed sequel.

[PC Media] New Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Screenshots (05/28/2008)
New screens and art from Ubidays.

[PC Media] New Prince of Persia Screenshots (05/28/2008)
An asset blowout from Ubidays.

[PC Media] New Far Cry 2 Screenshots (05/28/2008)
Even more screens and art, and the final logo.

[PC Media] New Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Screenshots (05/28/2008)
A batch of new screens from Ubidays.

[PC Media] New Shaun White Snowboarding Screenshots (05/28/2008)
First screens and art from Ubidays.

[PC Media] New Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition Screenshots (05/28/2008)
One more huge batch of screens.

[PC Media] New Street Fighter IV Screenshots (05/28/2008)
Three new screens for three platforms. Clever!

[PC Media] New Far Cry 2 Screenshots (05/27/2008)
New screens from the pre-Ubidays festivities.

First Age of Conan Cheaters Banned or Penalized (05/27/2008)
Funcom breaks out the ban hammer and strikes swiftly.

Age of Conan 400K PC Users Strong (05/26/2008)
Funcom’s latest MMORPG living up to the M, M and O.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme Goes Gold (05/23/2008)
Just a few days before release.

Day of Defeat: Source Adds Steamworks (05/23/2008)
Achievements, avatars, and stats coming to the popular WWII game.

[PC Media] New Project Origin Movies (05/22/2008)
Two new movies showing off some of the improvements.

Sins of a Solar Empire v1.05 Released (05/22/2008)
New maps and bug fixes.

[PC Media] New Sins of a Solar Empire Screenshots (05/22/2008)
Two new screens to go with the latest update.

Age of Conan Dawns on PC (05/19/2008)
The barbarian-themed MMO makes its release at last.

Age of Conan Collector’s Editions All Collected (05/19/2008)
One version of the MMO is all sold out.

Sam & Max Now on Steam; Iron Man Among the New Additions (05/17/2008)
Both seasons now available as a bundle.

[PC Media] New The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff Screenshots (05/16/2008)
This may be the biggest stretch for an expansion ever.

Mass Effect for PC Enters Mass Production (05/16/2008)
BioWare’s epic will warp to retail May 28th.

[PC Media] New Lost Planet: Colonies Edition Screenshots (05/14/2008)
New screens as the game goes gold.

[PC Media] New Velvet Assassin Screenshots (05/14/2008)
Velvety smooth screens.

[PC Media] New Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 1 Movie (05/14/2008)
First in-game footage.

[PC Media] New Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 1 Screenshots (05/14/2008)
Holy crap!

LEGO Indiana Jones Demo Now Available (05/13/2008)
Microsoft pushes the GFW brand with a little help from an Indy.

Burnout Paradise Racing to PC (05/09/2008)
Criterion’s rebuilding it from the ground up.

SAGA Now Available for Free (05/07/2008)
Of course you’ll get more out of it by paying....

id Software Announces DOOM 4 (05/07/2008)
Development goes totally in-house for this monster production.

Bus Driver’s Got a Golden Ticket (05/05/2008)
The retail wheels will soon go round and round...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (PC) Release Confirmed in U.S. (05/06/2008)
August 29th is still the day, says Deep Silver.

[PC Media] New Ghostbusters The Video Game Screenshots (05/03/2008)
I ain’t afraid of no screens.

Gamecock Supporting amBX with Legendary and Velvet Assassin (05/03/2008)
Another publisher supports Philip’s ‘surround senses’ technology.

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