News for May 2006

New Marvel Trading Card Game Screenshots for PC (05/30/2006)
Five PC screens.

New Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Movie for PC (05/28/2006)
Activision's super hero mega-game in standard and HD.

New Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Movie for PC (05/28/2006)
The frantic official trailer for the next Quake game.

New The Movies: Stunts & Effects Screenshots for PC (05/28/2006)
Eleven new screenshots.

New Spider-Man 3 Movie for PC (05/27/2006)
E3 teaser trailer in standard and HD resolution

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Gone Gold (05/27/2006)
Hero-driven strategy is almost here.

Weekly World of Warcraft #7 - PvBroken Feature Now Online (05/25/2006)
What's wrong with PvP in today's World of Warcraft.

Half-Life 2 Expansion Goes Gold (05/25/2006)
Episode 1, first in the trilogy of episodes, will make its June 1st date

New Neverwinter Nights Premium Module Released (05/25/2006)
Infinite Dungeons provides randomly generated experiences.

Everquest II's Latest Villian...Curt Schilling?!? (05/24/2006)
Yankee fans would say he's finally being cast in the right role...

Ubisoft Ships Heroes of Might and Magic V (05/23/2006)
A classic strategy franchise reborn.

New Heroes of Might and Magic V Movies for PC (05/23/2006)
Two movies highlighting various aspects of the latest Might and Magic.

New Heroes of Might and Magic V Screenshots for PC (05/23/2006)
Eleven screenshots to celebrate today's release.

New Medal of Honor Airborne Screenshots for PC (05/23/2006)
Two pics of the Jeeps included in the game.

New The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Screenshots for PC (05/22/2006)
Three new screenshots from the new Thieves Den mission.

World of Warcraft Patch 1.11 Test Realm Launched (05/20/2006)
More 1.11 Details revealed

IEMA Updates PC Logo and Packaging Template (05/19/2006)
Efforts continue to standardize the industry.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Lore Issues Addressed (05/19/2006)
Blizzard's head lore expert Chris Metzen addresses issues

New Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Screenshots for PC (05/19/2006)
Eight pieces of screenshots and artwork.

Weekly World of Warcraft #6 Feature Now Online (05/18/2006)
We look at the addition of the Draenei, and various problems with Burning Crusade.

New World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Screenshots for PC (05/18/2006)
Two new screenshots from the upcoming expansion.

World of Warcraft Tier 3 Raid Armor revealed (05/17/2006)
Armor to be added in the upcoming 1.11 patch.

New Medieval II: Total War Screenshots for PC (05/11/2006)
Seven new screenshots.

New World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Screenshots for PC (05/10/2006)
Two screens of the expansion's new race.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Alliance Race Announced (05/10/2006)
Here's a hint: it isn't Pandas.

E3 2006: Warcraft Movie Announced (05/09/2006)
Movie production based on Blizzard's hit franchise confirmed

E3 2006: Sam and Max Return (05/08/2006)
The crime fighting dog and rabbit to appear on GameTap.

E3 2006: Jade Empire Heading to PC (05/08/2006)
PC gamers get port of the hit Xbox RPG.

Pre-E3 2006: SOE Snags Vanguard, Sigil to Co-Publish (05/05/2006)
Microsoft gives up publishing rights.

Pre-E3 2006: Games Workshop Touts Warhammer Lineup (05/05/2006)
Three different publishers bring the Warhammer universe to life.

SOE Releases Comic Book Creator (05/05/2006)
Makes creating EQ, EQ2, and Planetside comics easy.

Joint Task Force Deploys this Fall (05/04/2006)
This game's bleak future is...2007. *gulp*

Oblivion Now Rated Mature; PC Mod Can Unlock 'Topless' Females (05/03/2006)
There's a little hot coffee in the Imperial City!

World of Warcraft Battleplan Vol. 3 (05/03/2006)
Paid character transfers due this summer, server upgrades continue

Weekly World of Warcraft #5 Feature Now Online (05/02/2006)
Looking forward to next week's E3, and what the future holds for WoW.

New EverQuest II Expansion and Adventure Pack (05/02/2006)
Lots of new content coming for EQ players.

Half-Life 2: Episode One Begins Preload on Steam (05/02/2006)
Grab your crowbars....

World of Warcraft Patched to 1.10.2 (05/02/2006)
Today's downtime brings several minor fixes.

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