News for April 2009

Stalin vs. Martians Lands on PC Today (04/29/2009)
Quirky RTS now available for download, and with a music video to celebrate.

The Dares Rock Free Realms With Its Your World Theme Song (04/27/2009)
Exclusive song created for Free Realms.

[PC Media] New Risen Screenshots (04/17/2009)
A few new screens surface.

Square Enix Finds Order of War on PC (04/17/2009)
New WWII strategy getting pushed by the renowned RPG maker.

[PC Media] New BattleStations: Pacific Screenshots (04/13/2009)
New screens of the competitive and siege modes.

[PC Media] New Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Screenshots (04/13/2009)
You wouldn’t believe what we had to fight off to get these screens.

New Spells and More Added to Wizard101 (04/13/2009)
MMO aimed at younger gamers gets more friendly.

[PC Media] New Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Screenshot (04/12/2009)
First art.

[PC Media] New Six Days in Fallujah Screenshots (04/12/2009)
First look at Konami’s controversial shooter.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Deploys on PC (04/09/2009)
The latest chapter in the RTS series ships.

Crysis Wars Launches Free Trial on PC (04/09/2009)
Crysis Warhead multiplayer gets a little more inviting.

Blue Oyster Cult and Warhammer Online Create Original Song (04/09/2009)
And from the Straight Out of Left Field Department...

A Blizzard of Deals - StarCraft, Warcraft III, Diablo Battle Chests 50% Off (04/06/2009)
A cheap way to catch up on the classics.

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