News for April 2006

Neverwinter Nights Gets Patch 1.67 (04/27/2006)
Bioware's hit RPG gets a patch almost four years after release.

Weekly World of Warcraft #4 Feature Now Online (04/25/2006)
Nick's perspective on playing the nerfed Rogue class.

Weekly World of Warcraft #3 Feature Now Online (04/22/2006)
The third in our series focuses on the lack of content for smaller groups.

EA Announces Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (04/20/2006)
EA thankfully abandons the Generals universe to revisit the original timeline.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Playable @ E3 (04/15/2006)
24 player LAN at the show.

Everquest II Live Update #22 Released (04/13/2006)
Brew Day among the new additions.

Civilization IV Patch and More Released (04/13/2006)
SDK and Pitboss server also included.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Dated (04/13/2006)
Probably sooner than you thought.

Blizzard drops Banhammer on World of Warcraft Accounts (04/12/2006)
5400 accounts banned, 10700 suspended.

World of Warcraft Announces Patch 1.11 features (04/12/2006)
Mages get a class review, 40-man Raid Naxxramas added

Call of Duty 2 PC Multiplayer Update Now Available (04/11/2006)
Two maps and PunkBuster support headline the patch.

World of Warcraft Patch 1.10.1 Notes (04/11/2006)
What the minor bug fix actually did.

Weekly World of Warcraft #2 Feature Now Online (04/11/2006)
The second in our series of weekly World of Warcraft rants focuses on crafting.

World of Warcraft Gets Minor Bug-Fix Patch (04/10/2006)
Weekly maintanence extended two hours.

Undead Invasion Coming to World of Warcraft? (04/08/2006)
Let the rumors fly!

Atari Unveils Act of War: High Treason (04/08/2006)
Initially available through download only.

Sony Online Fan Faire 2006 this Weekend in Atlanta (04/04/2006)
Nerdiest get-together ever, and yet you know you wanna be there.

Matrix Online Battle of the Bands (04/04/2006)
Will your band be "The One" (of up to 25)?

Weekly Warcraft #1 Feature Now Online (04/03/2006)
The first in our series of weekly World of Warcraft rants by our resident level 60 Rogue.

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