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Developer: SOE
Publisher: SOE
# Of Players: Many
Online Play: Yes
ESRB: Teen
Release Date: 03/16/1999
Accessories: N/A

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SOE Ending EverQuest Online Adventures (03/05/2012)
Perhaps the longest running console MMO in history coming to an end.

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Sony Online Announces EverQuest Living Legacy Program (06/02/2008)
Other MMOs? What other MMOs?

Legends of Norrath Now Available to EverQuest Players (09/05/2007)
Cross-game card game for loyal fans.

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A 14th expansion pack is on the way.

SOE Celebrates Eight Years of Everquest with Anniversary Edition (03/19/2007)
All 13 expansions and the original game in one box.

Everquest The Buried Sea Expansion Announced (01/13/2007)
13th expansion adds naval combat, new missions, guild banners, and more.

SOE Ships Everquest The Serpent's Spine (09/19/2006)
12th EQ expansion now available via digital download.

SOE Announces Everquest The Serpent's Spine (07/11/2006)
New playable race, the Drakkin, highlights the latest EQ expansion.

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