Weekly World of Warcraft #9 - Mailbag Edition

By: Nick Arvites

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When I first started writing this column, I had no idea it would take off as quickly as it did, and I would receive the amount of mail that I have. As a thank you to the readers and to show that I actually do read your opinions, this week’s column is the first ever mailbag (with all n00b accusations and spelling errors intact). If you would like to make the next mailbag, keep sending emails to I try to respond to all emails personally.


Engineer here!

Just writing to say thanks for saying how useless engineering is. It shows a lot of promise and we can make really cool things, but we tend to be ignored for other crafters that can actually help other people and make money while doing it. Think Blizzard will ever change this?

For all my gnomish friends that like to invent useless things, I sure hope so. There’s so much potential for the engineering class, especially if they could make attachments for helmets. I honestly don’t see how this is any different from enchanting in terms of balance, as anyone in a 10-19 battleground right now will tell you all about the “twink” characters with Crusader enchants.

I agree with most of the points you make in your recent post.

I just want to say that: the level cap will be raised to 70 with the introduction of the Burning Crusade expansion pack.

My small guild of about 20 (of which our highest level is 52) is quite keen to tackle what is currently considered "endgame" (Ahn'Qiraj etc) with 5-man and 10-man parties of level 70 charachters.

I sincerely hope that Blizzard reduces the number of party members required to enter these instances.

I am comforable with Blizzard developing what is currently considered "endgame" content, because I am confident that my guild of "casuals" would be able to eventually get a taste of it - albeit 12months or so after the rest of the community has had a chance at it.

But for us, I feel it is the journey that counts, not the destination. It is the fun we're having along the way that makes it worth it, not the eventual outcome.

Yes, I understand that the level cap will be raised to 70 with the Burning Crusade and that casual guilds will more likely run the current "end game" content with the release of the Burning Crusade. My biggest problem, and I may not have conveyed it through the article, is that it feels like casuals are getting the short end of the stick when they make up the majority of the population. Even though casuals will be able to
run the current raid dungeons after the expansion, there's still the
issue of the distinct lack of small group content being processed and
released for casual groups. I suppose an easier way of saying it is, "what are you doing for me now" as opposed to "what will I be able to do in eight to twelve months or so."

But yes, you are correct, it is indeed the journey, not the destination that counts. However, even going by this philosophy, I stand by my point simply because I feel that Blizzard is not doing enough to make the journey enjoyable for myself and the vast majority of players in World of Warcraft. Even so, this is not the last time I'll address this issue, so expect several more columns related to the whole "casual/hardcore," "raid/non-raid," and other similar issues.

I agree no more 40 man raids!

I think you missed the point. I’m not saying they shouldn’t put in more 40 man raids, I’m suggesting that they’re ignoring the other 59 levels and the vast majority of the game’s population by catering to the raiding crowd.

I’m a raider, and I can see your point on how more raids hurt casuals or even gamers that have to work 40 hours a week.   Couldn’t they just do AQ20 or ZG (ed: Ahn’Qiraj 20-man and Zul’Gurub) with a pickup group or multiple guilds teaming up?

A bunch of people are crying for free epics to keep up with raiders. I don’t agree with that.

Glad to see that some Raiders aren’t automatically flaming me. I think the hardest part about getting a pickup group to do either AQ20 or ZG is the organization. You’re expecting a pickup group to work together, listen, and not wipe on the mobs without the benefits a raiding guild provides. The large guilds tend to have a severe advantage due to veterans, highly equipped players, vent servers, and a pool of dedicated members that won’t flake out in the middle of a run. I have actually done a few “pickup” ZG runs. A larger guild was feeling generous and took a group of ten pickup players into the instance. I don’t think they’ll ever do so again. After the first boss encounter, we lost a warlock due to jealousy over the loot. Even then, an over-anxious warrior triggered a boss encounter and caused a wipe while all our casters and healers were drinking to regain mana. Sure, its one horrible experience, but if pickup groups can’t handle things like Capture the Flag (in Warsong Gulch) or do a Baron Run in Stratholme, how exactly are they supposed to do things like AQ20 or ZG?

I completely agree with “no free epics.” You get what you work for.


LURN2READ. I have never justified free epic loot, nor do I think it should be easy to get the best loot in the game.

As a Rogue myself, I just want to say thank you for so succintly saying how poorly Blizzard has handled the class (and the entire class review system). It's so nice to read a thoroughly thought out and well-written opinion without having to dig for pages on the WoW forums.

You brought up some excellent points in your article, in particular the information concerning Fury Warriors (the bane of my existance when having to resort to PuGs for Dire Maul) and the bugs that always crop up after every patch - including another 1.10 bug in which an enemy mob or player is able to deliver another melee attack (or finishing a spell instead of interrupting it in the case of casters) after vanish has been initiated, although I don't know if this bug has addressed yet.

I really liked your idea concerning traps and locked chests with better loot in instances - very appealing, especially since I wouldn't have to grind my teeth every time I looked at the Detect Trap and Disarm Trap icons in my ability list.

Again, thank you so much for this great article. Maybe the class will get lucky and someone from Blizzard will pay attention (unlikely, but one can still hope).

P.S. I whole heartedly agree with Weekly WoW #3 - althought I admit that as a more casual gamer, the introduction of Naxxramas has me very displeased. However, I do concede that 20 and 40-man raids are very enjoyable when one has a good raid group together and that the reset times do make the completing the raids easier without having to do it one big chunk. Still, another DM-like instance or something like Ragefire Chasm for the mid-teen Alliance players would be really, really fun...

Thanks for the support. Its hard to get an idea on how poorly Blizzard has handled the classes based on forum posts. Every class, even blatantly overpowered ones *cough*HUNTERS*cough* post about how they’re broken beyond repair. However, the rogue class is certainly broken, and the “fix” is months away. As the article states: if I don’t do as much damage as a Fury Warrior, can’t provide buffs, have useless raid abilities like detect trap and lockpicking, and sap is rendered useless with sheep (almost completely due to stealth being garbage at 60), what exactly am I supposed to do?

The good news on detecting traps is Blizzard has confirmed this will be a passive skill in 1.11, meaning its always on. It’s a small step, and hopefully they don’t take five giant steps backwards. They also said they finally fixed the issue of poisons debuffing when going into and out of an instance. I’ll believe it when I see it.

The raid timers are great for groups that have to work around a real life schedule. Dealing with pickup groups, however, can almost certainly guarantee that someone will forget to show up when you’re trying to finish off the raid.

I wish they would add in more content for the mid-teen through mid-twenty players. I also wouldn’t mind seeing another battleground release that can be used by all level ranges either.

wah wah cry more rouge. I get owned by rouges all the time in the 40 battlegrounds. L2P n00b.

What’s a rouge? Oh, you mean ROGUE. Rogues are great during the 1-59 grind and suddenly become a subpar class at 60. There is no endgame use. Get a rogue to 60 and find out.

Yeah dude, we know WoW PvP sucks. Old news. Sides, they’re putting stuff in the elf expansion.

Yeah, its old news, and it still hasn’t been addressed or fixed and doesn’t look like they will ever address or fix it in the original title. The Burning Crusade is adding in contestable territory, although who knows how that will work out. Other games in the past had massive problems with systems like that, usually causing the faction with the fewer people to just stop playing because they lose. I doubt this will happen in World of Warcraft just out of the sheer number of subscribers.



Good writeup on the guild problems in WoW. I run a smaller guild that’s aligned with several other small guilds, and we can run into communication issues when trying to do MC or BWL (ed: Molten Core and Blackwing Lair). We do keep up with outside web pages and forums though. We just don’t want to join up and lose our identities, you know?

Yeah, as it stands right now, the best way to keep in touch is by using things over the Internet (mostly forums and websites). In your situation though, a merger might not be such a bad idea. If you guys are taking on MC and BWL, it might be in your best interests to just combine into a superguild.

I no need guild cuz I solo everything

Awesome. Send me screens of you soloing Ragnaros, Onyxia, Nefarian, and C’Thun.

What server do u play on?

I’m not really sure I should actually publish that here. I do play on a Pacific-time PvE server with my main rogue. I have characters on a PvP server, but I haven’t used them in a while.

Sends me goldz and epixz on [server deleted, name deleted]!!!

No. Go quest.

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Posted: 06/14/2006