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One of the biggest clichés in the world is writing a corny New Year’s resolutions article, and for some reason I feel this is far more fitting than anything else I could write at this point. I know, the expansion is coming out, and I could use this space to rant about some other aspect or about how it shouldn’t have taken so long to come out, or even rant about the Beta testing issues I’ve been having, but I decided to end/start the year on a positive note and just write about what I’d like to accomplish in terms of World of Warcraft and what I’d like to see in the game.

Get my level 20 Priest to raiding status

In case you forgot/don’t care, my primary character is a Rogue. I enjoy playing him, and I enjoy my role in the game and my guild. Yet, I hit the point a long time ago where I ran out of something to really do in the game. I’ve done most of the quests and I found myself just logging in to make a few runs a week. PvP has been dead to me since the summer, and I’ve simply run out of solo-able quests.

I began a priest last spring, but I’ve neglected him. I’m the type of player that spent the time to work up one character to level 60, and couldn’t bring myself to just abandon him to bring up an alt. I’m at the point now where leveling a low-level alt is a decent alternative to just not playing. My problem is I just go through stretches where I forget I have an alt. I enjoy playing a healer, and having a max-level healer is always a good thing, right? This is my primary World of Warcraft goal for the next year, and I’d like to get this knocked out.

Clear all of the pre-expansion dungeons

I’ll admit, my guild and myself are late to the raid-party, and we’re just starting to get into BWL, MC, and the rest. My goal is to see all of the pre-expansion dungeons at some point in the next year. They seem interesting, and the expansion level increases will help my guild (which is smaller so we need about 10 to 15 players to make 40 man runs) be able to actually survive in them.

Get some indication from Blizzard that they have a post-expansion plan

One of my biggest fears is that Blizzard isn’t planning a future expansion or post-expansion content. The Burning Crusade is long overdue, but as I expressed so many times before I think they may be underestimating how quickly people will progress through the levels and content. 2007 could be the turning point for Blizzard’s dominance in the MMORPG market if they can’t show some sort of plan for future expansions and content that warrants the subscription.

Keep the Guild drama to a minimum

I’m fortunate, my guild is relatively drama-free. We don’t have any DKP nonsense (don’t worry, that rant and my loot theories is in the pipes for a future installment), we don’t have power-tripping 14-year-old shortbus Pattons, and we don’t have any behind the scene hatred or backstabbing.

And I’d love to keep it that way.

Really, being in a guild where people realize that the members have lives, be it school, work, spouses, or kids that takes priority over a game, and I’m fortunate that my guild realizes this. While we may not clear out MC as fast as other guilds that run it six days out the week, we’ve made steady progression since we formed.

I know, my guild is probably the exception to the rule, but we have direction, we get and retain recruits, and we’re all pretty happy and having fun. I know many of you just don’t like your guilds, and my advice is to look for the guild that doesn’t treat the game like a second job that doesn’t pay overtime or give you medical.

Keep this column going

Yeah, my life gets crazy at times, and sometimes I don’t get the time to log into World of Warcraft for a few weeks at a time. Yet, I enjoy writing this column, and I enjoy seeing the feedback and reactions I’ve gotten on the sites and message boards that have linked to it (even the guys that call me a “dumbass that isn’t saying anything new”). I’d like to think that I’m at least giving people some sort of laugh or something to talk about, even if it is to call me a n00b. But hey, I’d hope my perspective gives people who enjoy the game something to read on a semi-regular basis and as long as people continue to read and respond to what I write, this column is achieving its goal.

Ok, enough with the resolutions

I could go on, but I don’t want to torture you too much. I think the biggest concern I have game-wise in 2007 is that they won’t show me enough to get me to renew my subscription. I know, I said I wouldn’t launch into another one of these rants, but unless the expansion blows me away and they announce plans for another expansion in the short term, I see World of Warcraft essentially jumping the shark for me.

Hell, many would say it jumped the shark six months back, but I’m not too sure about that. There’s still a ton of untapped potential in World of Warcraft, but it all depends on if Blizzard chooses to tap it anytime soon. Only time will tell. As of now, I’m actually being optimistic and I think Blizzard can deliver this year. Don’t get too used to the optimism though, like many other resolutions, I’ll likely break away from the optimism by the end of January.

And as for me:

Yeah, I know, its lame listing resolutions for a video game, so I’ll try to save face by listing my actual resolutions. They are as follows: Exercise/lose weight/get in shape, organize, and don’t let school consume my entire life.

Ok, that’s just as badly clichéd as this entire column. Don’t worry, I’ll have some real stuff in the next few weeks, especially with the upcoming expansion.

Hope you all had a Happy New Years and have nothing but success in 2007.

As usual, if you have any comments, complaints, concerns, or fan mail, send them to I’ll try to answer all E-mails personally, and you may wind up in a future mailbag column.

Posted: 01/08/2007